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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Everything you need to know about Stress

You must have heard a lot of people complaining about Stress. Stress is very common nowadays among most people this is because of the daily grind and tensions. Stress is a type of tension both physically and emotionally.

There are often stressful conditions that can cause Stress in the long term. It is a common condition but still harmful for the human mind and proper functioning.

What is Stress and how it occurs?

Stress can be defined as the response of the body towards an external situation. The circumstances which can cause pressure on the emotional and mental well-being can cause stress and anxiety. It is the body's reaction to its external situation, also affecting the overall condition of a person.

Stress can cause effects three-dimensionally. It means the person will be affected mentally, physically, and emotionally while suffering from Stress. Stress can give rise to others' feelings like frustration and anger. In severe cases, it leads to anxiety and depression, which is very harmful to human mental health.

Symptoms of Stress:

A person can feel numerous stress symptoms even without being aware of the stressful condition that he is facing. Some of the symptoms are given below to give you a better idea of how Stress can feel.

1. Body ache

Body ache is one of the most common symptoms of Stress. It is often called tension pain which is locked in the muscle in the form of Stress. The muscle bands can be very sensitive to stressful conditions. If you have body ache without performing any physical activity, there is a huge chance because of stressful conditions you are going through.

2. Exhaustion without any reason

A person who is experiencing Stress always remains exhausted without any particular reason. He does not feel like getting involved in daily life activities. It often gets difficult for him to get out of bed in the morning. Social interaction is also significantly affected because of stressful conditions.

3. Sleep disorders

A person who is going through a stressful condition finds it very difficult to fall asleep. Most people get insomniac which means they cannot fall asleep without having sleeping pills. Even if he managed to fall asleep, he is likely to get nightmares and sleep paralysis.

It is observed that most people find it scary to fall asleep because of disturbed sleeping patterns. They try to stay awake as much as possible.

4. Weaker immune system

The immune system is linked with mental and emotional conditions. It gets weaker after going through Stress and depression. A weaker immune system also makes it easier for pathogens and allergic conditions to affect the body's normal functioning. It can give rise to other medical conditions, which can sometimes be fatal.

5. Being sad all the time

People who are facing Stress remain unhappy and sad all the time. This is one of the significant symptoms of stress or depression. The serotonin release in the body also stops, which can affect the mood very severely. It can even make a person go through psychotic phases, which gets inconvenient in many cases.

How to diagnose Stress?

Stress cannot be diagnosed itself, but a physician can diagnose all the symptoms of Stress. If it affects the vitals, different methods can be used to bring it back to normal functioning. Similarly, there is a constant headache with Stress which is known as a tension headache.

It is the tension locked in the muscle bands and fibers, which can be elevated if the reason for Stress is resolved.

How to treat Stress?

There are a lot of ways through which Stress can be prevented or treated. Some of them are given below.

1. Relaxation activities like meditation and yoga etc., help a lot in preventing Stress. You have to spend some "me time" with yourself everyday which can help you get a better grip over your thoughts and emotional well-being.

2. Taking care of your hygiene and body conditions can also help in preventing Stress.

3. Another thing you can do to prevent Stress is always thinking positively. Do not let other people have influence over your thoughts and mood. Taking control of your mood will help a lot in preventing Stress.

4. There is no need to worry about the future or stay stuck in past experiences. Having a positive attitude towards life can be very helpful in preventing Stress.

5. You can go for counseling or take antidepressants to overcome Stress and depression.

Final Thoughts:

Stress is very common nowadays which can vary from individual to individual. It can be treated with various treatments that are given above. Stress is often neglected, which can have severe consequences later. Stress can be prevented by taking different measures for your emotional and mental well-being.

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