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Our goal is to provide psychiatric care to help you find the -better you, don't let your mood define you. 

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Ideal Mental Health and Wellness Clinic is more than just a Mental Health Clinic — it’s a growing community!  

At IMHWC we are dedicated to caring for the patients and their families, we have made it a point to be to take every opportunity to get to know the client to understand and treat the root cause. We want you to feel and be the best person you can be. 


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The mental health provider will complete a thorough interview on your first visit. During the interview, the health provider looks at your current symptoms and when they started, how severe they are, and other detail about the reason you are visiting. Additional questions may include items such as the history of you and your family's past mental and physical illness, medications you use currently and in the past, along with negative symptoms associated with them. Your visit may also include various questionnaires. The information collected will helps the health care provider to come up with a diagnosis of the presenting symptoms. The provider along with your input will put together a working treatment plan based on the diagnosis and symptoms. Treatment for most mental illnesses may include medication, psychotherapy, or both. The provider discusses the options with you and then puts the plan into action. If medication is prescribed, it's ordered for a trial period, and it may take several visits to get to the right dosing or medication. The trial period is sometimes the most challenging part of the treatment, so working closely with your healthcare provider is very important. 

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Prescription Drugs


The health provider works with the client to better understand their new or current medication. Discussion may include the reason for the medication, possible adverse drug reactions, how to take the medication, the dose, and timing of the medication. It is always a good idea to bring a list of all your medicines to your visit and the reasons you are taking them. Providing an updated list of your medications allows the provider to address medication interactions. During your visit is an excellent time to discuss any concerns you may have with your medications with your provider. 


Once you have completed the initial stages of stabilizing your symptoms and finalizing the treatment plans, it is essential to continue keeping up with the monitoring of your symptoms and medication use. Your follow-up visit and open communication with your healthcare provider are significant to successfully managing your mental health. Other helpful tools to success are learning good coping skills such as physical exercise, meditation, eating well, avoiding nonprescription drugs, maintaining good relationships, and avoid any stress. 

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Payment types: Commercial Insurances, Credit Cards, or Cash


At Ideal Mental Health, we follow the latest CDC guidelines for sanitation and safety at all of our practices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We offer telepsychiatric services, making it easy and convenient to receive online counseling and medication management in the comfort of your home.

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